Commonwealth Consumers and Market

According to statistics, there is an estimated 3.2 trillion dollars’ worth of goods and services in the Commonwealth, in proportion to the 1 billion population. The Commonwealth fashion industry is a mainstay in the Commonwealth economy, and is constantly experiencing growth: there is a never ending need for goods and services to infuse into the industry. Being a huge contributor to GDP, the Commonwealth fashion industries have been known to generate over 100 billion USD, with mostly women and young people among its employees.  It is a major initiative to elevate women into key decision-making roles in design, manufacturing and production.  This is with the aforementioned goal of providing empowerment of youth and women throughout the Commonwealth.

The beauty of the Commonwealth fashion industries is that every component of the fashion production cycle can be found in the Commonwealth itself. These range from raw materials, to personnel, goods and services which can all be drawn from the youth and women pool of the community. If properly managed, the full production of any product could be derived from the Commonwealth, leading to 100% Commonwealth, which is the ultimate goal of COWEFA. We also work with Commonwealth governments to help make this primary objective a reality.

Do not hesitate to join us, for the good of your businesses and brands, and also for the greater good of the Commonwealth, which is one we should all embrace.