Objectives Of COWEFA

COWEFA is an accredited Commonwealth organisation with a very clear set of aims and objectives in mind. These objectives vary from short-term to long-term, and indicate just how far we are willing to go to stabilise and strengthen the health of the Commonwealth fashion industry. These include:

  1. To bring together the work of fashion designers from Commonwealth countries. One of the key components of a successful initiative such as this one is the establishment of a very strong network and a medium for fashion designers to meet and exchange ideas. Sharing of ideas is important because it enables fashion designers to discover things from colleagues in cultures and countries previously unknown to them, and to adapt them in their own work, adding extra flair and “flavour”. It also creates a hub for goods and services to be exchanged between the fashion designers and the general public, leading to financial gains and multicultural acquisitions.
  1. To showcase great talent from the Commonwealth. Since the Commonwealth is a body that cuts across an astonishing 53 countries, there is clearly no shortage of cultures in play. And within these cultures, talents abound which show each culture in the most beautiful and dramatic light through art, crafts, fashion, cuisine and many other areas. COWEFA aims to showcase the talents of these Commonwealth countries to the whole world, creating an awareness of the immense abilities of individuals as well as new opportunities for the world to acquire and invest in these talents.
  1. To support designers by creating programmes and events that educate and empower them. No matter the level of talent and experience, there is always room for improvement. With this in mind, COWEFA establishes programmes which advance the creative visions of talents from all its member nations and help them to become even better fashion designers and, by extension, better ambassadors of the Commonwealth itself. It also helps to nurture budding talents by creating special kids’ and young adult programmes with a view to the massive future growth of the fashion world.